ITALO VINYLS 4 SALE (each €5,00)

- Der Marktplatz: Tausch, Verkauf, Suche, Werbung.
- Wer also seine Oma tauschen möchte, ist hier richtig ;-)

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ITALO VINYLS 4 SALE (each €5,00)

#1 Beitrag von Ronald Eurobeat » Do, 27.09.2012 09:24

Hallo I'm Ronald from the Netherlands and I have some Italo vinyls 4 sale!

All records are in a very good condition. So no scratches (or whatever) can be found on the vinyls. I have treated by records always very carefully.
The sleeves have been protected by a plastic cover. On some sleeves two small markers could be found on the right hand front upper corner.

The price of each vinyl is €7,50 (excluding sendcosts).

For shipping I use TNT and special LP sendboxes (fully taped to prevent any damage).

I can supply pictures of each sleeve and/or vinyl.

If you have any questions, please mail me at:

This is the list:

49 ers Touch me - REMIX Media Records

49 ers Don' t you love me Media Records

49 ers How longer Media Records

49 ers Don' t you love me - REMIX Media Records

Active No way out Disco Magic

Adriana Sunny day Finzy Records

Advance If he knew X - Energy

Alan Barcklay Girl Asia Records

Albert One Everybody Media Records

Albert One Visions Media Records

Albert One Hopes & Dreams One Records

Albert One Loverboy Time Records

Albert One Matter of time / Change your mind Media Records

Albert One Hopes & Dreams - REMIX One Records

Aleph Fly to me / I'm in danger Time Oldies

Aleph Just for love Time Records

Aleph Check it up Time Records

Aleph Hero Time Records

Angel Touch my heart Epic

Angela Dynamite Five

Anika Young generation Time Records

Anika Crazy lover Time Records

Antonella Mama mia Radiorama

Assanti Ma peche Zyx

Atrium Midnight dancer Time Records

Avant de sortir I love America Meet Records

Baby' s Gang Happy song Memory Records

Baltimora Key key karimba Emi

Barbara Ciao boys Asia Records

Barbara Come on Down Town Records

Barbara Luv luv luv Flea Records

Barbara A far l' amore co mincia tu High Fashion

Belen Thomas Survivor Smashone Music

Bella & Blue Magic Flea Records

Big Band Turn on the light Time Records

Bo Bellow Knockin' High Fashion

Caesar If you wanna make me lovely Caesar

Cam Talk to me Zyx

Camero' s Gang Ali shuffle Break

Capitan Lafitte Funky power E.F.

Cherry Magic holdiday Meet Records

Chester Don't get away Time Records

Chester Right time Time Records

Chester Crazy for you Time Records

Chip Chip Rock me tonight B.M.S. Records

Chip Chip Never say goodbye BMS

Chip Chip No more tears Flea Records

Chip Chip Everything you love Flea Records

Chip Chip Close to me Flea Records

Chris My, my, my Asia Records

Chris Lucky boy Asia Records

Chris First time Asia Records

Chris Crazy cat Asia Records

Chris / Laurie Megamix Asia Records

Ciao Ciao Don't go breaking my heart Asia Records

Ciao Ciao Loving all the night Asia Records

Cindy Yeah yeah Asia Records

Cindy Take me up Asia Records

Cleo Go go dynamo Many Records

Clio & Kay Keep on dancing Flying Records

Clio & Kay Keep on dancing - REMIX Flying Records

Clubhouse I'm alone Media Records

Co-Mix Relax X - Energy

Connie Oh believe Disco Magic

Coo Coo Energy Flea Records

Coo Coo Loving you Flea Records

Cruisin Gang Be my life Zyx

Cyber People Digital signal proccessor Memory Records

Cyber People Void vision Zyx / Memory

Cyber People Doctor faustus Zyx / Memory

D.F.C. Team I.C. love affair DFC

Dandy Girl, I love you Flea Records

Daniel Danieli Freedom Out Records

Danny Keith / Rudy & Co I feel right / Mama radio Time Oldies

Dave Hammond Take me higher Time Records

Dave Hammond / Les Blue Belles Take me higher / Sugar baby love Time Oldies

David Adams Stop the time Out Records

De Gama Sexual fever Taurus Records

Den Harrow Tell me why Baby Records

Den Harrow Day by day - REMIX Baby Records

Den Harrow Born to love Baby Records

Den Harrow My time / You have a way Baby Records

Den Harrow I wanna go / Lies Baby Records

Den Harrow Holiday nights Baby Records

Den Harrow Take me back Baby Records

Den Harrow Ocean Disco Magic

Den Harrow A taste of love High Fashion

Den Harrow To meet me Hole Records

Doctor Boogie Americana Flea Records

Donna Luna Come on come on Flea Records

Donna Rouge Sad song Technology

Dorian Gray Voque Eviva Records

Double You Please don' t go DWA

Dr. Money Give up Time Records

Eddy Huntington Meet my friend Esquire Records

Eddy Huntington May day Esquire Records

Eddy Huntington Up & down Zyx

Edo You really got me Double Records

Edyta Be slave of my heart High Energy

Eskimo Love and fantasy Asia Records

Evans & Fisher How could you be so lucky TD

Evans & Fisher You feel my love EF

Extrart Promises Meet Records

F.T. One Sex'n'rap One Records

Finzy Kontini Night in Paris American Disco

Flexus Brothers Watching me Techno

Florence Now and forever Expanded Music

Florence I' ll be with you Expanded Music

Florence Trading love Third Label

Florence Hey, hey, hey Third Label

Flying Mix mix compilation Many Records

Full Beat Where' s my umbrella Full Time Records

Gary Low You are a danger Break

Gary Thomas Wait for love New Music

Gazebo I like Chopin Baby Records

Giorgia Morandi Children of the sky Friends Records

Gipsy & Queen I love USA Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Action Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Megamix Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Love & Passion Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Touch me feel me kiss me Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Love is a dreamland Time Records

Gipsy & Queen Energy Time Records

Golden Shower Fool for love Green Produktion

Green Olives Jive into the night X - Energy

Green Olives Life is a bitch - REMIX X - Energy

Green Olives Life is a bitch X - Energy

Green Olives Shake my day X - Energy

Gwen Perry More Rose Rosse Records

Helena Queen for a day Down Town Records

Hipnosis Droid Memory Records

Hot Cold Love is like a game Media Records

Hot Cold I can hear your voice Zyx

House Quake We wanna dance Time Records

Ibiza Party diverse. Ibiza Records

Invidia El ritmo del diablo Expanded Music

Italian Megamix diverse. Time Records

Italo Euro Beat diverse. Time Records

Jackie & Jackie Amor latino Inside

James Cooler Love to lover A.Beat.C

Jane & Jill Lay, lay, baby lay Macho

Jasmine Runaway - REMIX Time Records

Jenny Kee Give me all your love Asia Records

Jenny Kee Every little time Asia Records

Jerome Stocks Baby I need ... - REMIX Flying Records

Jessita Maybe this night Havanna Productions

Jilly Fly Time Records

Jinny Never give up Time

Jock Hattle Crazy family BCM Records

Jock Hattle Crazy family Market Records

Joe Yellow I'm your lover Zyx

Joe Yellow Synchronization of love Disco Magic

Joe Yellow Lover to lover / I'm your lover Disco Magic Oldies

Karen Nothing' s gonna take my ..... A.Beat.C

Kazan Give me your heart Peecjer Melody

Ken Laszlo Hey hey guy - RMX / Hey hey guy - orginal version Nunk

Ken Laszlo & Innocents Hey hey guy for tonight Sunset

King Kong & D.J.ungle Girls Lies Flea Records

King Kong & D.J.ungle Girls It' s so funny Flea Records

King Kong & D.J.ungle Girls Turn the sound up higher Flea Records

King Kong & D.J.ungle Girls Bingo Flea Records

Kinky Go Gimme the love Zyx

Koto The Koto mix Zyx

Koxo Club band Paradhouse - REMIX CBE

Koxo Club band Paradhouse Di-Gei Music

Krystyna Ready for love High Energy

Krystyna Let the night take the blame High Energy

Krystyna Never say goodbye High Energy

L.A. Message Don' t go Zyx

Larabell Up and down Disco Magic

Laurie Out of your heart Asia Records

Lee Marrow Don' t stop the music Disco Magic

Legend Keep on dancin' Ra - Re

Les Blue Belles S.O.S. Time Records

Lilac Jump to the music Flea Records

Linda Martin Flashback Flea Records

Linda Ross Up & down Time Records

Lisa Johnson Say goodbye Time Records

Lisa Johnson Someone to love Time Records

Lou Grant Sex heroes Time Records

Lux Deep down Flying Records

Macho Gang Naughty boy Macho Records

Macho Gang My lion Macho Records

Macho Gang Sahara Macho Records

Macho Gang Shake shake Time Records

Madame X. Infatuation High Energy

Madigan Ice cold love Zyx

Maggie Sue Love me do Flea Records

Malcolm J. Hill Take a chance Flea Records

Malcolm J. Hill Don' t make me cry Flea Records

Malcolm J. Hill Heartache Flea Records

Manzi - Bellini In your eyes C & R

Mark Farina To my heart Asia Records

Martinelli Cenerentola Ariola

Martinelli Summer lovers Moonray Records

Matia Bazar Ti sento Ariola

Max & Co. I love my geisha Italian Compagny

Max Coveri Marry go round CGD

Max Coveri Pretty woman Radiorama

Max Coveri Come back Time Records

Max Coveri Toy boy World Energy Music

Max Coveri Dance dance World Energy Music

Max Him Lady fantasy - REMIX Zyx

Meccano Extra Keepon Musik

Meccano Down down Romeo - REMIX Keepon Musik

Meccano Fantastic Keepon Musik

Megatime diverse. Time Records

Mela Looking out Asia Records

Mela I want your love Asia Records

Mela Everytime you make me right Asia Records

Mela This is my way Asia Records

Michael Fortunati Big bang / Baby you FCF

Michael Fortunati I'm not a freak FCF

Michael Jones Angel don' t cry Disco Energy

Micheal Fortunati Into the night Flarenasch

Michelle Money, money, money Five

Mike Hammer Divine - US REMIX Time Records

Mike Hazzard Stop me baby Asia Records

Mike Hazzard You Asia Records

Mike Hazzard Stay with me Asia Records

Mike Skanner Dance 4 love A.Beat.C

Mike Steven Two hearts Academy

Miko Mission Rock me round the world Disco Magic

Mirage Smiling (my island) American Records

Mister Black Hold me tight Asia Records

Mister Black Macho man Asia Records

Mix - Energy 2. diverse. X - Energy

Moltocarina Hold on me Asia Records

Monkey Business Living for the city X - Energy

Morena Open your heart Time Records

Morgana Come back to me Many Records

Morgana Don' t give up Many Records

Moulin Rouge The Megamix Expanded Music

Moulin Rouge Baby I miss you Expanded Music

Moulin Rouge Sugar candy kiss Expanded Music

Moulin Rouge Tea for two Expanded Music

Moulin Rouge High energy boy Italian Records

New York Rappers Pop pop shoo wah Radiorama

Nilla Backman Even if you say Down Town Records

Novecento I need love Hundred

Oscar Japanese joy Radiorama

Paul Sharada Vola Zyx

Pierre & Franz Life in Tokyo High Energy

Premio Nobel White flame Italian Records

Queen of Times Family A.Beat.C

Ra Re band Fame, fame On the Road

Ra Re band Why why Ra - Re

Radiorama So I know Radiorama

Radiorama Fire Radiorama

Radiorama ABCD / Bad girls Radiorama

Radiorama Medley Radiorama Radiorama

Radiorama Bad boy you Radiorama

Radiorama Four years after - LP Radiorama

Radiorama Baciami kiss me Radiorama

Raf Todesco I got my mind Ra - Re

Rankatie Oh cherie Many Records

Raymond Barry Get back A.Beat.C

Reeds Straight down Di Gei Musica

Reeds Night in Chicago Twist Again Records

Release I can fly tonight High Energy

Ricky Davies Loving you Asia Records

Ricky Davies Magic Asia Records

Ricky Davies That' s love Asia Records

Righeira Vamos a la playa Ariola

Robert Patton Give me a little chance Time Records

Ronnie and the Fisherman The price of love Hot Trax

Ross Gogo boy Flea Records

Rusty Everything' s gonna change D.F.C.

Ryan Paris Dolce vita Disco Magic

Sabina Excited for love Demo Disc

Sabrina All of me Carrere

Sabrina Hot girl - REMIX Chic

Sabrina The sexy girl mix for boys .... Chic

Sabrina Hot girl Five

Sabrina Boys - REMIX Ibiza Rec. UK

Sabrina Boys Ibiza Records

Sabrina Sexy girl - REMIX Ibiza Records

Sabrina My chico Videogram

Sabrina Like a yo-yo Videogram

Sabrina Guys & dolls Videogram

Sandy Bee Wild love Time Records

Sandy Marton People from Ibize - REMIX Ariola

Sandy Marton Exotic and erotic - REMIX Ariola

Sandy Marton La paloma blanca Ibiza Records

Sandy Marton Love synchronicity S M Records

Santa Claus & D'Jingle girls Give me a chance Asia Records

Sasha Don't you break my heart High Energy

Scotch Money runner American Disco

Scotch Man to man American Disco

Scotch Delirio mind Zyx

Secchi I say yeah - REMIX X - Energy

Silver Don' t go Time Records

Silver Pozzoli From you to me Many Records

Silver Pozzoli Pretty baby Many Records

Silver Pozzoli Around my dream RCA

Silver Pozzoli Step by step RCA

Silver Pozzoli Chica boom RCA

Sima You got me running X - Energy

Sophie Face to face Time Records

Space lovers Magic fly E.F.

Spagna Easy lady CBS

Spagna Call me CBS

Spagna Every girl and boy - REMIX CBS

Spagna I wanna be your wife CBS

Spagna This generation CBS

Star Systers Looking for love Down Town Records

Stef Ready for love Many Records

Steve Allen Letter from your heart Polydor

Superlove One day Asia Records

Superlove You in my heart Asia Records

Susan Lincke You' re my satusfaction X - Energy

Susy B. Love is so strong High Energy

Swan Don' t talk about it Zyx

T.Boy Dancer Flea Records

T.R.D. 1100 diverse. Time Records

Ta Logo In the morning X - Energy

Taffy I love my radio Break Records

Taffy Once more Break Records

Taffy Step by step Rhytm King

Talhoy The girl in love Blue Village

Techno rappers This is London Sunset

The Creatures Where you are / Hard in the city Chic

Time Baby for love Out Records

Tina Crazy for you Five

Toby Ash Go go rock me Time Records

Tom Dollar Love is something Media Records

Tom Hooker Feeling okay Baby Records

Tom Hooker Only one Heaven Records

Tom Hooker Real men Indisc

Tommy Being together E.F.

Toyboys Different generation Zyx

Tracy Spencer Love is like a game CBS

Tracy Spencer Run to me Ibiza Records

Tracy Spencer Take me back Ibiza Records

Trullipop Gimme the music D.F.C.

V.V.Anne Tonight Chapulin

Vanessa Crazy for you Time Records

Vanessa Breaking my heart Time Records

Vanessa Why did you day I' m sorry Time Records

Venice You gave me love Flea Records

Veronica Sales If you leave me now A.Beat.C

Via Verdi Diamond - RMX WEA

Via Verdi Love is a dream Dischi Ricordi

Via Verdi Sometimes Ibiza Records

Virgin No more love Time Records

Virginelle Tango tango A.Beat.C

Virginelle Up & down Double

Vivien Vee Everybody / Back to back X - Energy

Vivien Vee Cross my heart X - Energy

Vivien Vee Heartbeat X - Energy

Willy One Gang Let' s do it Disco Magic